Castello San Marco Tra Bagheria e Santa Flavia
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From May to October, from 9:00 to 13:00 and from 15:00 to 19:00, guests have access to the swimming pool (m.7, 00 x 14,00), which is located in the "Fruttiera", surrounded by Aleppo pinetrees and hedges of Plumbago.
In the half-seasons and in the winter, the climate is ideal for walks and excursions in the surrounding area.
In five minutes by car you can reach the nature reserve of Mount Catalfano and walk through expanses of heather, dwarf palms and olive trees, with extraordinary views of Monte Pellegrino, Chief Gall, Ustica and the Aeolian Islands (visible at low pressure conditions).

From January to April varieties of wild orchids blossom.
At 3 km from Castello San Marco are the ruins of Solunto, an ancient Punic Roman city. Along its roads you reach the Agora and the amphitheatre that overlooks the village of Porticello. In the alleys of this picturesque old fishing village there are still the master carpenters experienced in building boats for offshore fishing.

Bagheria and Santa Flavia, with their numerous eighteenth-century villas, are witnesses of the splendour of the aristocracy of Palermo, who chose these places to spend their holiday period, away from the sultry weather of the city, in residences that, for their decoration and beauty, didn’t allow them to miss their sumptuous winter palaces.
In less than an hour's drive you can reach the Madonie Park or natural reserve of Belice, in the Corleone territory, and The Ficuzza Woods.

Spiaggia dei Francesi sul litorale di Mongerbino (circa 3 km. dal Castello San Marco)Le spiagge
Ville di Bagheria - In foto Villa Cattolica, Sede del Museo Guttuso, con opere del celebre pittore bagherseLe ville settecentesche del Comprensorio di Bagheria e Santa Flavia
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